or brown in color to prevent dyes of any other color

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or brown in color to prevent dyes of any other color

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can provide additional control. However,

of some that a swivel cheek bit allows for potential

breast collar or the hames (indirectly
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resting on the horse's spine. Many references
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Hame or trace tugs are short buckle-fitted straps,
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breast collar or the hames (indirectly
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such as two wheeled carts. A singletree

They transmit the push of the animal against the collar into a pulling of the vehicle. In leather harnesses, traces may vary from one to several pieces of leather sewn together. In some cases, a layer of synthetic material may be included in the sandwich. Traces in some draft harness are simply chains, covered to protect the animal from chaffing.
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the desired hand control and feel.
Shaft wraps refer to a bellyband having a
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assembly, placed on the horse's back.
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Liverpool bits may come with either a fixed
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the reins. The traces are indirectly connected

formal 4-wheeled vehicles. They hold the

Driving reins for both black and brown

Most Liverpool bits also have a smooth and rough side

to refer to "check reins".
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of the vehicle is localized rather than distributed

accomplishes two tasks. It applies the heat
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of the horse to the cart. Equally popular,
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breast collar or the hames (indirectly

gloves can be restrictive and hinder
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that completely encircles a horse's neck,

slightly higher than the girth billets.
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around the horse's chest, or breast, rather

that completely encircles a horse's neck,
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it has been said that if a horse must be used

There are many tugs in a horse harness.
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with one of the more severe curb positions,
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cheek or a swivel cheek. It is the feeling
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One school of thought is that, when properly balanced,

with too much vigor. Another thing to do with shaft

tugs are used. Shaft wraps are used to

must be used with a breast collar.

This method of adjustment is not as elegant

is hot then push down on both sides
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of shaft tugs that might be used on more

over the whole of the shoulder area.
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Some claim gloves should initially

or improperly balanced, etc. Shaft wraps can
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