Great Tips On How To Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing

Recently I are already posting about sweet t-shirt designs (here & here) so I thought this is a great time to share with you this guest article. Blake from You Design It, a t-shirt company, will guide us through some pointers for preparing artwork for T-Shirt printing.

That brings us towards the question: How to start a t-shirt printing business? In this article, we’ve got discussed why the custom t shirt printing business idea is good.

T-shirt clients are a viable option with almost no money, and you may start turning money quickly. On a side note, the printer must not charge you extra for PMS color matching. That is a vintage fashion supply of more income because you are in fact doing them a favour when you’re more particular for accuracy.

All T-Shirt Printing Methods Explained

Among all of those other firms that you can begin with, a custom t-shirt printing clients are a good idea. Especially when you love to be employed in the clothing industry and you enjoy the creativity that t-shirt printing brings, then this is often a business that can be done well and become prepared to strive for. If you see yourself this entrepreneurial journey, there are several resources which can help you will get started. For instance, you’ll be able to launch your website with Printful.

A transfer paper is a paper on which the picture is printed and after that utilized in a surface (fabric, canvass, or wood). They are often more appropriate for inkjet printers which give a pulsating and vibrant appearance when utilized in the shirt.


In this article, we look with the ins and outs of starting a t-shirt printing business and the way to give yourself the best probability of rendering it a hit. In this guide, I’m assuming you’ve already came up with artwork you want to print in your transfer paper. So, I’ll jump straight into the way to prepare the style and print it around the transfer sheet.

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